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Reception/Office Flowers

We are happy to supply flowers to a number of offices in and around the City of London.

We deliver a vase of fresh flowers at the start of each week to your reception area,taking away the old vase and replacing it with a new design.
We try to use flowers that are in season as prices are better so your company gets a good size arrangement.  

There is no charge for the hire of the vase ,just the cost of the flower arrangement you require.

Most customers have a certain design or style of arrangement or vase that they like.

It is best to discuss this with us and then we do a test vase to see if you are happy.We then set up a monthly account with your company.

Telephone us on

07999 507475

Please browse through our Office Flower pages to see some of our designs and help you get an idea of prices.

Just click on the image to get a larger photo.

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